About Side by Side

Caring for those who Care

OUR CONCERNS: the situations we see daily, where family and friends are “picking up the pieces” of case management, health care & social support – where our government and private sector resources do not readily extend.

OUR FOCUS: caregivers and potential caregivers of spouses, elders, children, blended and extended families, as well as friends and neighbours of people with health needs.

OUR GOALS: practical and sensitive sources of information, understanding and support in caregiving situations, balancing family needs, work, health issues and other responsibilities.


COME: for a monthly interactive educational presentation on a variety of topics of interest to the group & access to current information.

COME: to exchange information, learn practical tips, connect with others in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential setting. You may simply come and observe, just as you are.

COME: to share a light Breakfast & Lunch.

COME: for support and referrals to ongoing, more specific support groups, or where resources of respite care may develop.