Caregiving: A Balancing Act – Symposium Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Paul Pearce has been the Executive Director of Beulah Garden Homes Society which provides assisted-living and independent housing for older adults. As an educator and pastor, he has served in several ministry positions across western Canada and Ontario.  Dr.  Pearce is also the Director of the Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (CHAT) with the Carey Institute in Vancouver. CHAT provides consultations, seminars and resources that assist individuals and organizations in meeting the challenges of the growing number of older adults in our communities.

Dr. Pearce will speak on the many changes and transitions that care givers go through as they care for a loved one. This session will provide insight into barriers faced by caregivers and what they and their communities can do to maintain their own wellness.

Other Speakers

Sepi Sarbazi, MSc.RD is a registered dietician who works for the Home Care Department of VCH and has done so for several years. She also visits home bound adults and older adult clients as part of her routine services within the context of improving and maintaining nutritional status for a variety of chronic diseases and debilitating situations at home. Additionally, she has provided nutrition education lunch and learning sessions to a variety of employees of various businesses and services on a private practice basis.

Sepi will speak on healthy eating for care givers and common foods and their medication interactions. Research has shown that single medications or their combinations can put the elderly at nutritional risk such as drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. The timing of when there is nutritional intake and medications can also affect our nutritional intake.

Suzanne Taylor is a Recreation Therapist and has worked as the Recreation Director for the Seniors Come Share Society Day Program for Older Adults for over 17 years. She has also held the position of Caregiver Outreach & Education Coordinator offering various supports to caregivers and their families, and regularly presents on the topics of care giving and dementia. She a certified “Teepa Positive Approach to Care” trainer.

Suzanne will provide an interactive session on diffusing challenging behaviours when working with dementia clients. The Teepa Positive Approach to Care  helps families and professionals understand how it feels to live with dementia and all its challenges. Its  philosophy focuses on the dynamics of coping with a changing brain.